Risk Management and Workers' Compensation

Risk Management Presentations


Here are copies of various Risk Management presentations that were recently made.  Feel free to down load any of them for your reference.


Family Medicine Resident Presentation on January 3, 2018: Professional Liability.  Objectives:

    1.  Understand the basic elements of a professional liability claim.
    2.  Understand the standards to which you will be held as a resident physician.
    3.  Appreciate liability issues in presented case studies..
    4.  Identify methods to reduce potential liability.
    5.  Know what you should do if you are named in a professional liability claim.


It’s Time to Explore Emerging Liabilities in the Opioid Epidemic handout.  This webinar was presented on October 10, 2017 by Coverys, one of UT’s professional liability insurance companies.  It is now available through Coverys’ webinar-on-demand website by registering at: http://www.cvent.com/d/ztqn52.  After registration, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to the recorded version.  Physicians and nurses receive 1 hour CE credit.

This one-hour webinar explores evolving and unanticipated risks related to the ongoing opioid epidemic.  Providers are updated on the most recent claims and examine methods to mitigate risk related to the prescribing of opioids.

As a result of this presentation, participants will be able to:

    1. Examine new risk areas emerging due to the ongoing opioid crisis.
    2. Analyze case studies which illustrate unanticipated opioid risks.
    3. Explore resources which mitigate risk from opioid prescribing liability.


Medicine Resident Presentation on August 18, 2017:  Professional Liability Insurance Overview and Hospitalist Claims Data.  Objectives:

    1. Understand the basic elements of a professional liability insurance policy and how they may apply to your future practice.
    2. Understand PLI coverage provided during UT residency.
    3. Appreciate Hospitalists’ claims experience and contributing factors.


Resident-Fellow Orientation on June 28, 2017: Risk Management – Resident and Fellow Orientation.  Objectives:

    1.  Understand the Concepts Standard of Care & Professional Negligence.
    2.  Appreciate the Status of UT Residents and Fellows as State Employees: Responsibilities and Protections.
    3.  Know the Risk Management Contacts.


Physical Therapy Student Presentation on April 12, 2017: Risk Management in Physical Therapy.  Objectives:

    1. Appreciate Risk Management Concepts
    2. Be Familiar with Liability Areas in Physical Therapy - PT Lawsuit Claims Study (CNA Insurance).
    3. Have an Understanding of Professional Liability Lawsuits.
    4. Know the Key Elements of Professional Liability Insurance.
    5. Know Practical Risk Applications for the PT Setting.




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