Risk Management and Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation: Health Science Campus

University of Toledo Health Science Campus employees who are injured in the scope of and arising out of their duties as an employee should report such incidents to appropriate supervisors as soon as possible.

Supervisors, when notified of an on-duty injury in their area, should immediately assess the situation. In the case of an obvious medical emergency, direct the employee immediately to the UTMC Emergency Department. In non-emergency situations, consider having employees with proper training administer appropriate first-aid.

Supervisors should then refer to the institutional injury reporting policy, Reporting/Processing on-the-job injuries for Workers' Compensation Purposes (3364-10-10), and complete all requirements outlined in the policy.

Forms necessary to initiate an Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation claim are available to injured employees by contacting the HSC Workers’ Compensation office at 419-383-4567.

When an injured AFSCME employee is taken off work by his or her doctor, they and their supervisor(s) should familiarize themselves with the language in Article 16 of the current AFSCME contract entitled “Injury Leave.”

Supervisors should, in addition to the written report requirements outlined in the policy, notify the Workers’ Compensation Department via telephone (419.383.4567) or email (Brenda.Humberston@utoledo.edu) with the following essential information:

  • Injured employee’s name, position, and department;
  • Description of the accident and nature of injury;
  • Date, time, and location of injury;
  • Daytime departmental contact person and phone extension;
  • Any other information deemed significant, such as possible root causes and expected length of absence, if any.

The University of Toledo is dedicated to fair and proper treatment of all employees who are injured as a result of their employment. The Workers' Compensation office is located in room 312 of the Raymon Mulford Library. Please feel free to call us at 419-383-4567 with any questions.




Last Updated: 6/27/22