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Rocket Wireless

Rocket Wireless has provided cellular voice and data services exclusively to students, faculty, staff and alumni of The University of Toledo for over ten years. Sign up today to take advantage of competitive pricing, one year contracts and exclusive plans and services through verizon, sprint and AT&T. 

For telephone assistance please call 419.530.4807 or email and leave a message.  We return all messages as quickly as possible.

Attention current customers, please note: Rocket Wireless has updated its billing processes effective July 1, 2019. Customers with Ohio billing addresses are now charged 7.25 percent sales tax to better align with current tax regulations and best practices of mobile phone vendors. For customers who live outside Ohio, please note that transactions that originate in one state and end in another may create sales and use tax liabilities.

For instance, use tax may be applied to goods that a resident buys out-of-state and uses in their home state. Out-of-state customers may be individually responsible for reporting and paying use taxes on Rocket Wireless plan fees and equipment purchases with annual state income tax filings. Out-of-state customers should consult a tax professional for advice on tax obligations as it relates to Rocket Wireless purchases.

Last Updated: 11/15/19