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Listed below are the preferred vendors for the category of Chartered Ground Transportation Services the University community can utilize for chartered vehicles such as buses, limousines, sedans, SUVs, school buses, mini-buses, and coach buses. Departments and/or Student Groups can use their university issued P-Card to book transportation for chartered cars/limos/SUVs when 3 or fewer passengers are to be transported.  All P-card usage must adhere to the University’s p-card policy.  All chartered bus services under this category should be paid for via check or EFT by way of a Purchase Order (PO).  University departments and student groups using University funds for chartered vehicles should adhere to the following:

  • Contact any of the vendors shown below and obtain quotes for your transportation needs

NOTE:  You can also obtain quotes for an entire season or a series of scheduled events throughout the school year

   Information provided to vendors for quotes should include: 

          Number of passengers
          Dates/Times of Travel
          Destination of travel
          Brief itinerary (if possible)



  • The vendor who provided the lowest quote should be notified immediately so that your trip/event can be booked.

  • Reserve with a p-card or enter a requisition for your trip(s)

  • If the vendor will be sent a PO they must use the PO number to submit their invoice to the Accounts Payables department electronically at apinvoices@utoledo.edu
    NOTE:  An invoice is incomplete if it does not make reference to the PO number

Helpful Tips for Ground Transportation Needs

  • You are able to schedule a series of events at one time with one or more of the preferred vendors in this category.  For instance, if you know that your department usually schedules 5 bus trips per year, you can inquire with vendors for all of those trips at one time so that you will not have to do this multiple times throughout the year.
  • All the vendors in this category do not provide the same type of vehicles.  They are categorized by the main type of vehicles they provide below.  Please inquire with the vendor for additional information on any special vehicles that you may require. 
  • To provide any feedback (both positive and negative) for our preferred chartered ground transportation  vendors please contact to Howard Hillard at Howard.hillard@utoledo.edu.

Preferred vendors

Birmingham Limousine Services Inc

Contact: Michael Birmingham
Charters Provided: Sedans, SUV's, Limousines, Transit Vans, Luxury mini-bus

Black & White Transportation

Contact: Vicki Flahie or Jenn Schacht


Request a Quote
Charters Provided: Sedans, SUV-5 Passengers, Luxury mini shuttle-13 passengers, Shuttles-24 and 28 passengers, Taxis, Paratransit Vehicles (8 seats plus wheelchairs), Minivans, Passenger Vans (5-13)


Catch Transportation & Events

Contact: Anthony Abdulnoor
Office: 248-515-0099
Direct: 248-846-3630
Cell: 248-595-2073
Email: info@catchtransportation.com


Getaway Tours and Charters

Contact: Rachel Anderson


Team Johnson Limousine & Charter Services

419-822-0269 (option 1 for booking a limo)
419-392-8416 Direct Phone Number

Total Image Limousines

Contact: John Davidson
Charters Provided: Sedans, Limousines, SUV's, Limousine bus (16 passengers), Passenger van (14 passengers)



UT Contact

Howard Hillard


Last Updated: 2/20/24