Coming soon!  We are going VIRTUAL in 2021!

Our mission: We seek first to re-purpose within UToledo departments, offer for sale on-line, or offer as a donation to local 501c3 organizations, and then scrap metal recycling BEFORE we consider landfill.

What does VIRTUAL mean?  It means that as departments have a need to remove furnishings, these items will be posted for a short time on-line through the GovDeals.com platform.  Any member of the UToledo community will be able to view these offerings as they are available.  However, only a department designated administrator will be able to “buy” the item.  Once a department has “bought” the item it is immediately unavailable for any further views.  The departments arrange for the move of the items.

Items that are not “sold” internally within five business days, will be physically removed from the department.  The owning department will arrange to have the items moved to Surplus Property using the campus contracted movers [Steven’s link] These items will be posted for sale to the public on GovDeals.com.  If not sold they will be offered to local 501C3 organizations on file.

Surplus Property offers a substantial savings to the University by assisting departments with office space furnishings.  Most items have been gently used by other departments but have been made available as their needs have changed.  If you need a chair, a desk, a project table, conference table, or a file cabinet but don’t have a budget to buy new, click the link to GovDeals.com. to view items that are available free to UToledo departments. 

If you are you in need of desktop organizers, hanging file folders, bookends, 3-ring binders, clipboards, etc., come visit us.

We are located in the back of the Plant Operations Building on UToledo Main Campus at 2925 E. Rocket Drive, entrance at Dock door 9. Currently, we are open for appointments only.

Do you have excess items in your space that your department no longer needs? If they are usable (not torn, badly stained, or broken), then contact us for assistance posting and or removal. Please be sure that ALL items are removed from desks drawers, file cabinets, lockers, etc. including hanging file folders, paper clips, staples, etc. BEFORE the posting or moving. If they are tracked assets or grant purchased items then Asset Management needs to be advised before any action takes place.

 Email: Surplusproperty@utoledo.edu


Last Updated: 1/19/21