Supply Chain Management


Executive Sponsor: Rick Swaine
Chair(s): Dr. Hanna, Dr. Moukarbel
Facilitator: Jen Pastorek
Members: Michelle Mallett, Troy Holmes, Michael Craig, Tracy Pakulski
Subject matter experts: Jeff Boyd, Eric Bernard, Linsi Willis, Jill Facer,  Tony PaukenTammy Helle, Bob Hansen, Mike Kern, Tim Etue 


  • Develop strategies to achieve goals that improve product utilization, safety and reduce cost.
  • Ensure that cost-saving initiatives and process improvement are implemented across all departments efficiently and successfully
  • Support the value analysis program’s objectives and activities


  • Reduce costs and improve performance through the cost-effective utilization and standardization of products, services, and processes, while maintaining or improving the quality of patient care

 Deliverables and Outcomes

  • More efficient utilization of products and resources
  • Standardization of use and practice
  • A value analysis decision grid for physician and non-physician preference items

 Key Measures of Success

  • Improved patient and staff safety by reducing product variation in practice and utilization
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Identified and implemented savings
Last Updated: 7/15/24