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Meet Mitchell Grilliot

'22, Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education Grades Pre-K-5

Grilliot said that he learned a great deal about teaching globally and was able to take what he learned into the classroom in Toledo. “From my field experiences, one thing I have learned is that rapport really matters. Students will always remember a teacher they connected with, and they always learn the most from those teachers.”

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Meet Chitranjan Greer-Travis

Earning his Ph.D. in Philosophy of Education

“I recalled my experience at The University of Toledo as a student in the Philosophy M.A. program. I was challenged and nurtured in the program in such a way that I wanted to ‘return to my roots,’ so to speak. In my quest to follow my dreams and live a bit more authentically, I gave graduate school some thought. Philosophy of Education appealed to me after falling in love with teaching philosophy. I also appreciate the social and political investigations that are investigated.”

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Meet Terri Draper

'22, Bachelor of Education in adolescent and young adult education, Bachelor of Arts in English

“I want to bring Spanish language and literature to classes I teach in the future, so my students are exposed to other cultures and perspectives. I remember learning so much about American and white European literature in school. I think it would be better for students to hear about Latin American, African and other cultures earlier in their education.”

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Meet Alec Finch

'23, Bachelor of Education in Special Education Intervention Specialist

“I decided to combine the two things I enjoy the most. Teaching and making people happier; I feel that in special education, I am able to do those things effectively. ” And now as he approaches graduation, Alec said his journey at UToledo has made him more confident, particularly as a teacher working with younger students.

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Last Updated: 7/15/24