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As a unit, the Judith Herb College of Education is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). Individual programs are also accredited by the Ohio Department of Higher Education and many are accredited by Specialized Professional Associations. Educator Preparation Programs seeking national CAEP accreditation are reviewed on five nationally recognized standards developed to ensure excellence. The University of Toledo received accreditation for its educator preparation programs in 2023.  Each accreditation cycle is 7 years and the University of Toledo educator preparation programs will be up for review in 2030.

The following programs were included in
the 2023 CAEP accreditation review:

Initial Teacher Preparation Program (Undergraduate and Graduate Level)

Advanced Programs

  • Adolescent/Young Adult Integrated English/Language Arts
  • Adolescent/Young Adult Integrated Mathematics
  • Adolescent/Young Adult Science
  • Adolescent/Young Adult Integrated Social Studies
  • Early Childhood
  • Foreign Language (French, German, Spanish)
  • Intervention Specialist Moderate/Intensive
  • Intervention Specialist Mild/Moderate
  • Middle Childhood (Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, & Social Studies)
  • Multi-Age Art Education
  • Multi-Age Music Education
  • Administrative Principal
  • Administrative Superintendent
  • Reading Endorsement
  • Career-based Intervention Endorsement
  • Transition to Work Endorsement
  • Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs Endorsement
  • School Counselor
  • School Psychologist
  • School Speech-Language Pathologist

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CAEP Annual Reporting Measures

The Annual Reporting Measures include eight measures that demonstrate impact around student learning, teacher effectiveness, employer and completer satisfaction. The measures also include specific outcomes such as graduation, licensure, employment, and student loan default rate.

Annual Reporting Measures For The 2024 CAEP Annual Report


Title II Reports

2023 Title II Report 


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