Carver Center

Carver Reservations

Faculty and staff can reserve equipment and rooms through the Carver Resource Center.  Carver Center maintains two computer teaching labs (Gillham Hall 3000H and 3000J) as well as our flex classroom (Gillham Hall 3050).  For a detailed list of the equipment available in our rooms please visit the Facilities page.  The schedule for each of our rooms can be found on the Classroom Schedule page.


Carver Center currently houses four mobile laptop carts.  These can be reserved on a one-time basis or for the whole semester.  One of the Center's student assistants will deliver the cart to your classroom ten minutes before the start of class.  Below is a list of mobile carts with the laptop models.

Cart # of Laptops Make Model
Windows Cart 1 25 Dell Latitude E6320
Windows Cart 2 20 Asus Latitude E6340
iPad Carts 30 Apple iPad 4th Gen
Apple Cart 25 Apple MacBook Air

The schedule for mobile carts can be found on the Cart Schedule page.

There is a variety of other equipment available for reservation as well.  

  • Set of 32 GPS devices
  • 2 sets of TurningPoint classroom clickers
  • Classroom set of microphones
  • Classroom set of headphones

To reserve equipment click on the following email link:

Carver Center Equipment Reservation

Be sure to include date, time, location, and the equipment you would like to reserve.

Last Updated: 7/17/19