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Video Recorder

Canon FS300 and Canon VIXIA HFR100
Number in Checkout:  60

Canon FS 200

The Carver Center checkout system currently has 60 combined Canon FS300, FS400, and VIXIA HFR100's.  These are Canon's ultra-sleek and compact camcorders that can record up to 6 hours of video onto a removable SD card.  In the case you will receive a USB cable for video transfer, an AC power adapter, and RCA cables for television hookup.  Be sure to check out a tripod with your camcorder and as always, if you have any questions ask at the Carver Help Desk.

Canon FS300 User Guide:  Setup and User Guide
General Classroom Filming Tips:  Classroom Recording Checklist

Technical Specifications:

Standard Definition or High Definition:  Standard Definition
Power Consumption:  1.8W (LP Mode, LCD set to normal brightness)
Television System:  NTSC
Video Recording system:  MPEG-2
Image Sensor:  1/6-inch CCD
Total Pixels:  Approx. 680,000 pixels
Video: Advanced Zoom ON (16:9): Approx. 0.45 Megapixels (Wide) / 0.36 Megapixels (Tele); Advanced Zoom OFF (16:9): Approx. 0.36 Megapixels
Photo: Approx. 0.45 Megapixels
Maximum recording Time:  32GB SD Memory Card (not supplied): LP (3 Mbps): 20 hours, 50 minutes
SP (6 Mbps): 11 hours
XP (9 Mbps): 7 hours, 20 minutes
Last Updated: 7/17/19