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Are you seeking technical support or guidance for an upcoming project? The Carver Center is here to assist students within the Judith Herb College of Education. Explore the range of services we provide below. To access these services or for any additional assistance, feel free to visit us at Gillham Hall 3000, contact us via email at carvercenter@utoledo.edu, or call us at 419.530.2454. We're dedicated to supporting your academic journey and project success.

To submit a request, please complete the following form Carver Center Front Desk Requests. Based on the volume of requests, the estimated turnaround is 24-48hr. 



Book Binding

Looking to create high-quality booklets, detailed reports, or academic papers? Come on over and try out our advanced GBC comb-binding machine for a hassle-free and precise experience at the Carver Center. For more assistance feel free to contact Carver Center Help Desk.

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Equipment Checkout

Are you looking for equipment to borrow? The Carver Center provides a diverse range of equipment available for borrowing, such as MacBook Airs, Microsoft Surface Pros, and Dell Latitude laptops, as well as video cameras, tripods, audio recorders, projectors, and other resources. Students have the opportunity to borrow these items for a one-week duration.

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Are you in the process of crafting classroom materials that demand a professional touch of lamination? At the Carver Center, we offer the convenience of a hot-roll laminator capable of laminating items up to 24" wide. Just provide the materials you wish to be laminated, and we will manage the entire process for you.

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Ellison Die Cuts

Are you in the process of creating educational materials for your classroom? Discover our wide-ranging array of Ellison Die Cuts and cutting machines available at the Carver Center. Remember to seek guidance and support from our dedicated team at the Carver Center Help Desk.

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Poster Printing

Are you seeking to print posters for your classroom, research presentations, or other purposes? Look no further. The Carver Center is here to assist you. Our exclusive poster printing service, available to JHCOE-members, utilizes the advanced HP DesignJet Z9+ 44" large format printer. We can accommodate all standard poster dimensions, up to a size of 36" x 48”.

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3D Printing

Curious about exploring the world of 3D printing? Wonder no more. The Carver Center is thrilled to introduce our Makerbot Z18, offering exceptional 3D printing capabilities. If you're interested in utilizing the 3D printer or arranging a training session, don't hesitate to contact the Carver Center Help Desk. We're here to support your journey into this exciting technology.

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In search of books to enhance your academic journey? Visit the Library Section at the Carver Center, where you'll discover a diverse range of books to support your progress. For additional guidance, don't hesitate to reach out to the Carver Center Help Desk. 

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Last Updated: 7/15/24