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 GBC CombBind C20 Binding Machine

The GBC CombBind C20 is a user-friendly and efficient office binding machine designed for the demands of everyday medium office use. Its easy-to-use QuickStep WorkFlow Guide make it an ideal choice for both newcomers and seasoned professionals. The color-coded and image-based guide conveniently guides users through each step, delivering excellent results every time.

Featuring a punch capacity of up to 20 sheets (80gsm) and the ability to bind up to 330 pages, the GBC CombBind C20 serves as the perfect binding solution for medium-sized offices with moderate volume requirements. Whether assembling comprehensive training manuals, routine reports, or crucial client proposals, this manual puncher and comb binder allows you to create polished, editable documents in A4 or US letter size.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the binding workflow, you can explore the informative video below.


At the Carver Center, students will have access to binding covers and variety of comb sizes for the binding machine. Presently, our collection includes:

  • 1/4" Black Combs
  • 5/16" Black Combs
  • 1/2" Black Combs
  • 3/4" Black Combs

For further details, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Carver Center Help Desk located in Gillham Hall 3000. Your inquiries are always welcome.


Last Updated: 9/11/23