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Ellison Die Cuts

Ellison Die Cuts and Prestige Machines

The Ellison Prestige is a hand-operated die-cutting machine.  Die-cutting is like using a cookie cutter to create a variety of shapes, numbers, and letters.  This machine uses steel rule die shapes to cut through a wide range of materials quickly and easily.  The use of scissors to cut shapes takes time and patience.  However, die-cutting transforms the tedious task of cutting letters and shapes into a fast, fun, and easy endeavor -- replicating the same shape over and over.  

Ellison Die Cutting 101 - Ellison Training Site

To learn more about using Ellison Die Cut machines, please watch the short video below:

Ellison FAQ's

How do I use the machine?

Please view the resources above and be sure to ask for assistance at the Carver Center Help Desk.

Where are the machines located?

The die-cut machines are located in the back of the Carver Center (Gillham Hall 3000).  The die cuts are in a spindle by the curriculum materials in Carver.

What materials can I use?

Self-adhesive rubber(for making stamps), sheet magnet, foil, static cling vinyl, fabric, felt, thin metal, paper wood, heat and shrink plastic, polyfoam, spoke, rather, faux fur, and much more.

Do I need to supply my own materials?

The Carver Center will provide a variety of construction paper, but additional materials must be provided by the user.

What die cuts are available?

For a full list download the attached Excel sheet:  Carver Die Cuts

Last Updated: 3/29/22