Judith Herb College of Education

Laminating Services

Dry-Lam 27" Hot Roll Laminator



We are pleased to announce that members of the Judith Herb College of Education can now enjoy complimentary lamination services at the Carver Center. Our laminator is a Dry Lam 27" Hot Roll Laminator which ensures high-quality results. This 1" core machine is perfectly compatible with Dry-Lam School-Lam laminating film and films up to 3 mil thickness. Currently, we provide poster laminating up to widths of 24 inches.

If you're interested in using our lamination services, kindly bring your materials to the Carver Center Help Desk located in Gillham Hall 3000. For your convenience, please anticipate an hour turnaround time for all lamination requests. We're here to support your needs with efficiency and quality.

Last Updated: 9/11/23