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Unlock the potential of your class or research project with the Carver Center.  Exclusively available to Judith Herb College of Education affiliates, you can now enjoy FREE poster printing to give your research the spotlight it deserves. Not part of our affiliate network? No problem at all—our marketplace is open to everyone. Just click on the store below to purchase our top-notch poster printing services, and then simply email your poster over to us at carvercenter@utoledo.edu.

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🎉 Grab Attention with Picture-Perfect Prints! 
Need to make a splash at your next conference, forum, or symposium? Imagine elevating your research presentation with our superior quality prints.

🔍 Why Choose Us?
Our top-of-the-line HP DesignJet Z9+ 44" printer is more than just a machine; it's your ticket to standing out. With 12-ink technology including a special Chromatic Red, your posters won't just be seen—they'll be remembered. Plus, our precise color-calibration ensures every print is a masterpiece.

🌟 What's On Offer?
We offer a comprehensive solution, providing professionally crafted, educational posters with a maximum width of 36 inches, meticulously printed on high-quality 26 lb, HP Bond paper. Our commitment extends beyond printing; we also offer a complete toolkit to cater to your project requirements, encompassing software expertise in applications such as PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator.

💌 Ready to Print?
Shoot us an email at carvercenter@utoledo.edu with your Powerpoint or PDF file, along with a quick note about your poster's dimensions and a brief description. Let us make your research shine!

💡 Why Posters Matter?
A standout poster is more than just paper and ink; it's like having your own personal billboard. It grabs attention, gets people talking, and opens doors to awesome networking opportunities. Why go for anything less? Let's make sure your research is impossible to ignore!



Designing Conference Posters

This site offers tips on design and presentation of your research poster.


NYU Libraries: Create a Research Poster

This site has a basic overview of what makes a well designed poster, software to use, and poster examples.


Academia Stack Exchange

Forum post on poster creation best practices.




Free Research Poster Templates

Customizable templates in a variety of colors for research posters.


General Poster Templates


University of Toledo Graphics Standards Manual

This manual provides users with the information for proper use of the UT logo and other elements such as fonts and colors.


Poster Design and Layout

This manual gives examples of good font pairings, typefaces, color, etc.


Last Updated: 6/6/24