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Technology Fee Requests


What is the Technology Fee?

The Technology Fee, paid by JHCOE students per each credit hour enrolled, is used to fund a variety of technology and services used throughout the college.  This fund covers the cost of the audio/visual and computing equipment in every JHCOE classroom, computer labs, printing, checkout equipment, software licenses, and technical support in the Carver Center.  We believe that it is important that all JHCOE students have access to modern technology in an accessible, engaging setting.

How DO I Request Use of the Technology Fee?

We strive to make sure the JHCOE is at the forefront in educational and instructional technology and welcome ideas or requests from all students, faculty, and staff within the college.  To create a new request, download the Technology Fee Request Form found in the link below. 

  1. The submitter should first discuss the need of item(s) with their colleagues and department chair.  It is highly recommended that students making requests work with their program faculty to fill out the request form. 
  2. To obtain official quotes from the desired vendor(s), consult with Josh Spieles, the Director of the Carver Center or Aaron Lockard, the College Computing Administrator.
  3. Once the form and quotes are complete, these should be submitted to Josh Spieles at joshua.spieles@utoledo.edu
  4. The requests will be reviewed by the Student Engagement and Technology Committee (SETC) during their next meeting which usually occur on a monthly basis. 
  5. If the committee approves, they will recommend the request to the Dean of the Judith Herb College of Education for final approval.
  6. Finally, the requestor may be asked to create an outcomes report during the following school-year and present to the SETC.

Technology Fee Request Form




Last Updated: 11/23/21