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Technology Fee Requests


What is the Technology Fee?

The Technology Fee, paid by JHCOE students per each credit hour enrolled, funds various technology and services used throughout the college.  This fund covers the cost of the audio/visual and computing equipment in every JHCOE classroom, computer labs, printing, checkout equipment, software licenses, and technical support in the Carver Center.  We believe that it is essential that all JHCOE students have access to modern technology in an accessible, engaging setting.

Requests for purchases from these funds may be made by individual faculty or a group of faculty (e.g., program area faculty, an entire department, etc.).  The Judith Herb College of Education Student Engagement and Technology Committee (SETC) oversees this fund, including reviewing requests and providing recommendations to the college administration.  The SETC meets on a regular (usually monthly) basis.

For the purpose of the request form, Technology​ refers to methods, systems, and devices resulting from scientific knowledge being used to enhance students’ educational experiences.

How DO I Request THE USE of the Technology Fee?

We strive to ensure the JHCOE is at the forefront of educational and instructional technology and welcome ideas or requests from all college students, faculty, and staff.  To create a new request, download the Technology Fee Request Form below. 

  1. The applicant discusses the need for item(s) with colleagues, the department chair, and students.
  2. Applicant obtains all required information from the desired vendor(s). For hardware and software purchases, consultation with either Director of Carver Center, Joshua Spieles, or College Computing Administrator, Aaron Lockard, is highly recommended.
  3. Applicant completes the request form with all required information, including the necessary signatures. An official quote from the vendor must be attached.  For the “Purpose Statement,” the submitter should outline the reason for the request, its impact on learning, how many students will be affected, and how the proposal aligns with the JHCOE’s strategic plan.
  4. Applicant forwards one (1) printed and signed original and an electronic copy in PDF format (the completed form) to the Director of Carver Center (email: joshua.spieles@utoledo.edu)
  5. If no further information or clarification is required, the request will be discussed at the next SETC meeting (held approximately monthly). Requests must be received at least five (5) business days before the SETC meeting at which they are to be considered.
  6. Requests will be reviewed promptly with a written response to the submitter concerning the SETC’s decision.
  7. Applicants must a) create an outcomes report during the school year following the purchase and b) demonstrate the requested technology to the college faculty to ensure all faculty are knowledgeable about new technology purchases and have opportunities to use it in their courses.

Technology Fee Request Form




Last Updated: 7/15/24