Judith Herb College of Education

Academic Affairs Committee

Proposals for AAC consideration should have been discussed and approved at the department level with all relevant materials and signatures of the Department Curriculum representative and the Department Chair in the Curriculum Tracking system.

Curriculum Tracking System:  


Provost's Curricular Guidelines and Syllabus Development:



Proposed Curriculum Changes

None at this time.

The Academic Affairs Committee Charge:

  1. Elect a chairperson and determine procedures for committee operations;
  2. Make recommendations regarding College-wide policies for graduate and undergraduate students, programs, and administrative tracking;
  3. Develop recommendations for and review graduate and undergraduate student policies for admission, retention, time-extension and other appeal procedures and practices;
  4. Review all proposals for courses and other matters related to graduate and undergraduate programs of the College and generally oversee all graduate and undergraduate curriculum matters in the College;
  5. Develop and maintain the College Graduate and Undergraduate Handbooks;
  6. Assist in developing College-wide recruitment tools for graduate and undergraduate study;
  7. Evaluate the functions of the Academic Affairs Committee and recommend revisions when appropriate.


Teacher Education (2022-2024): Natasha Johnson
Teacher Education (2020-2023): Susanna Hapgood
Teacher Education (2021-2024): Mark Templin (Chair)
Educational Studies (2021-2023): Berhane Teclehaimanot

Last Updated: 1/10/23