Judith Herb College of Education

JHCOE College Council

Section 1. Mission: The College Council of the Judith Herb College of Education shall represent College Faculty in relationships and matters of interest with the College Administrative Officers, University Council, Faculty Senate, Graduate Council, University Administration, and other communities of interest.

Section 2. Powers and Authority: The JHCOE College Council shall act on all matters related to the authority granted or delegated to faculty in the bylaws of the Board of Trustees and other University of Toledo administrative policies. These include academic policies, curriculum, academic programs, academic standards, and degree requirements.

Council Representatives:

Teacher Education (2022-2025): Natasha Johnson
Teacher Education (2021-2024): Marcella Kehus
Educational Studies (2021-2024): Revathy Kumar
Educational Studies (2022-2024): Christine Fox (Chair, 2022-23)
Educational Studies (2022-2023): Randy Vesely
Staff member: Melissa Spann
Faculty senator member (non-voting): Mark Templin
Graduate council member (non-voting): Ruslan Slutsky
Accreditation & Assessment Manager: Jackie Thompson

Council Executive Committee Members:

Council Chairperson: Christine Fox
Chair-Elect: Kate Delaney
Immediate Past Chairperson: Mark Templin
Council Secretary:  Jackie Thompson
Last Updated: 4/27/23