Judith Herb College of Education

Request Procedures

Procedure for submitting requests

  1. Submitter discusses need for item(s) with colleagues and department chair.
  2. Submitter obtains all required information from the desired vendor(s).  For hardware and software purchases, consultation with either Director of Carver Center Joshua Spieles or College Computing Administrator Aaron Lockard is highly recommended.
  3. Submitter completes request form (on next page) with all required information, including the necessary signatures.  An official quote from the vendor MUST be attached.  For the “Impact Statement,” the submitter should outline the impact of the request on learning for students in the Judith Herb College of Education.
  4. Submitter forwards one (1) printed and signed original and an electronic copy in PDF format (the completed form) to Josh (email: joshua.spieles@utoledo.edu)
  5. If no further information or clarification is required, the request will be discussed at the next TC meeting (held approx. monthly).
  6. Requests will be reviewed in a timely manner with a written response to the submitter concerning the TC’s decision.
  7. Requestors may be required create an outcomes report during the school year following the purchase.


Requests must be received at least five (5) business days prior to the TC meeting at which they are to be considered.  Requestors may be required to conduct a demonstration of the requested technology to the college faculty.

Last Updated: 7/17/19