Curriculum and Instruction

Course Descriptions

CI 6830 Curriculum Issues and Trends (3 hrs.) - Example Course Syllabus

Designed for educators, this course guides students in exploring core ideas to develop a framework for the study of teaching. Students investigate issues of what and how to teach in the content areas as well as explore the knowledge of expert content teachers. As a core graduate course in curriculum and instruction, students analyze and integrate ideas to form a theoretical framework and are guided in developing professional written work grounded in the literature. Topics include: Educative experiences, learning progressions, ambitious teaching, e-learning environments, and pedagogical content knowledge.

CI 6690 Theory & Research in Science Education (3 hrs.) - Example Course Syllabus

BIOL 6830 Molecular and Cellular Biology (4 hrs.) - Example Course Syllabus

EEES 5790 Ecology Field Trip (2 hrs.) - Tuesday, July 26 to Saturday, July 30, 2016.

TSOC 5300 Philosophy and Education (3 hrs.) Example Course Syllabus

EEES 6600 Foundations of Ecology (4 hrs.) - Example Course Syllabus

EDP 5310 Issues and Innovations in Learning and Instruction CRN 32616 (3 hrs.)  

BIOL 5230 Advanced Comparative Animal in Physiology CRN 31300 (3 hrs.) - Example Course Syllabus

CI 6900 Master’s Research Seminar (3 hrs.) 

RESM 5220 Applied Assessment for Improved Practice (3 hrs.) - Example Course Syllabus  

EEES 5150 Organic Evolution (3 hrs.)

BIOL 6020 Research Methodology: Cell and Molecular Biology (2 hrs.)* - Example Course Syllabus



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