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Chinese Delegation Visit 中国代表团来访美国院校

The purpose of the delegation visit from Shanghai Dianji University shown below was to discuss the development of a 2+1+2 joint-degree program with Columbus State Community College in the area of engineering technology.

Date of visit: 12/12/2014

Visitors from Shanghai Dianji University, led by Vice President JIAO Bin

Pictured from left to right: Sammy Spann (assistant provost), WANG Huaiting (vice dean, electronic information school), PU Zhiwei (director, international coordination), SUN Lijiang (dean, business school), Ron Opp (executive director), JIAO Bin(vice president, SDJU), Aige Guo (director, China Partnership), FU Xiaogang (dean, higher vocational technology school).



President Phelan and Provost Woods of Jackson College, with Professor Han of the Environmental Management College of Qinhuangdao and Ron Opp, the Executive Director of UT — CCIC.  They met at Jackson College to discuss the creation of a joint-degree program.

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