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Gifted Intervention Specialist Education Endorsement

The GT Endorsement (State of Ohio) teaching license enhancement, provides holders with specific training in the nature and needs of Gifted, Talented and Creative (GTC) students. The program is moving toward a fully on-line offering base, and provides opportunity for degree seekers to work with GTC children during our GT@UT Summer Camp. 

GT@UT Summer Camp is a place where you (degree seekers) practice teaching and working with GTC children as a practicum experience, thus preparing you for work in your school district as an advocate for GTC learner needs. You will have practical application skills in an applied setting, with guidance and support from experts holding world-class credentials and reputations in the field.

The best parts? The program prepares you at the highest level for working effectively and successfully with GTC children in school settings. And, every Distance Learning (DL) course is nationally—Quality Matters (QM)—certified.


3 Credit Hours Per Course
Gt Endorsement = 18 Credit Hours Total 
First Summer (Optional)
Gt@Ut Summer Camp (Live on Campus!)
Gift 5100 Introduction to the Talented and Gifted (Dl Offering)
Gift 5300: Social/Emotional Needs of the Gifted
Gift 5200 Assessment for the Talented and Gifted (Dl Offering)
Gift 5700 Practicum
Gift 6000 Issues and Trends in Gifted Child Education
Second Summer
Gift 5600 Curriculum 2: Programs and Practices in Talented and Gifted Education 
Gift 5500 Curriculum I: Differentiation (Offered Prior to Gt@Ut Camp)
Gt@Ut Summer Camp (Live on Campus!)

*Course experiences in RED give you options. Take one or the other as part of your GT Endorsement Program plan.

Special Note:

Per State requirements, a 50-hour "field" experience must be included as part of the Endorsement program. This can be completed in various ways. See your UT GT advisor for details.

 Contact DR. SCHULTZ for additional Information

Last Updated: 12/12/19