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Vicki Dagostino is an Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Toledo. She teaches courses in both Educational Psychology and Educational Sociology in the department of Foundations of Education.  Her research area of interest is psychological and sociological theory. She is interested in examining the convergence of these two fields as she sees them as integral to each other. She has most recently co-authored two book chapters that are directly related to the endeavor of integrating the psychological with the sociological.  She is heavily influenced by the theoretical work of Paulo Freire and Erich Fromm.  




  Educational Background


Ph.D. Educational Sociology and Educational Psychology
The University of Toledo, Toledo, OH
Dissertation: Toward a Being Based Liberatory Educational Paradigm:  A Dialogical Encounter between Paulo Freire and Erich Fromm


M.A. Sociology
The University of Toledo, Toledo, OH

1997 B.I.S. Psychology and Sociology
Lourdes College , Sylvania, OH

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  Scholarly Interests

Converging the self and the social

Social justice in education

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  Selected Publications 

Book Chapter:
Dagostino, V. and Lake, R. L. The dialectic of positive freedom from Hegel to Fromm and beyond. In Miri, S.J., Lake, R. & Kress,T. (eds.). Reclaiming the Sane Society: Essays on Erich Fromm’s Thought.  Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense.

Book Chapter:
Lake, R. L., Dagostino, V. (2013). Converging self/other awareness: Erich Fromm and Paulo Freire on transcending the fear of freedom. In Robert Lake and Tricia Kress (Ed.), Paulo Freire’s intellectual roots: Towards historicity in praxis. New York City, New York: Continuum Publishers.

Book Chapter:
Pescara-Kovach, L., Snauwaert D., and Dagostino-Kalniz (2005). Peace Education Theory. In Pescara-Kovach, L. School Shootings and Suicides:  Why We Must Stop the Bullies, Pearson Publishers.

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Curriculum Vitae
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EDP 1500:  Thinking, Knowing, and Learning: From Self-Determination to the Collective Good

EDP 3200:  Applied Psychology for Teachers
TSOC 3000: Schooling and Democratic Society

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