Judith Herb College of Education

Natasha Johnson

Assistant Professor of Science Education
Department of Teacher Education

Gillham Hall 2000AA
Mail Stop 924

I am an Assistant Professor of Science Education at the University of Toledo. The overarching goal of my scholarship is to increase interest, access, and achievement in the sciences for all students. Issues related to equity, social justice, and the amplification of marginalized voices continues to be the focus of my past, current, and future research interests in the area of science education.

As an educator, researcher, and scholar, I am working to transform the way we think of science and science education. My goal is to change the climate of STEM courses and to work for systemic change in the quality of science education. It is my hope that my work as a scholar in the field of education will lead to greater access to a high quality education and better academic outcomes for all students, regardless of race, gender, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or ability.

Educational Background

Doctor of Philosophy, Major: Science Education
UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA, Athens, Georgia (2019).
Major Professors: Drs. David Jackson and Deborah Tippins
Dissertation: The Experiences of African American Female Undergraduate STEM Majors in the Freshman Chemistry Course at a Predominantly White Institution

Masters of Education, Major: Secondary Science
MERCER UNIVERSITY, Atlanta, Georgia (2007)
Advisor: Jude Johnson

Bachelor of Science, Major: Chemical Engineering
CORNELL UNIVERSITY, Ithaca, New York (1999)

Research Interests

  • Chemistry Education
  • Multicultural Science Teacher Education
  • Science Teaching and Learning


Johnson, N. H. (Accepted for Publication in 2015). Life in the Double Bind: An investigation of how the experiences of African American females influence their persistence in STEM majors. In B. Polnick, B. Irby, & J. Ballenger. (Eds.). Girls and women of color in STEM: Navigating the double bind. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing Inc.

Atwater, M. M. & Johnson, N. H. (2012). Diversity and science education, In Banks, J. A. (Ed.). Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education (Vol. 1). SAGE Publications, Incorporated.
Atwater, M. M., Lance, J., Woodard, U. & Johnson, N. H. (2013). Race and ethnicity: Powerful cultural forecasters of science learning and performance, Theory into Practice, 52(1), 6-13.

Johnson, N. H. & Atwater, M. M. (2013). Infusion of culturally relevant pedagogy in science teaching: Beliefs and actions are the problem. In Atwater, M. M., Russell, M., & Butler, M. (Eds.), Multicultural science education: Preparing teachers for equity and social justice.

Johnson, N. H. & Brumback, L. (2013). Co-teaching in the science classroom: The one teach/one assist model. Science Scope. 36 (6), 6-9.


  • CI 4270 Advanced Methods of Teaching AYA Science
  • CI 4230 Advanced Teaching Methods in Middle Grades Science
  • CI 4390 Practicum III


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