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Itinerant ECSE Teachers

 This web site contains a range of reference and resource materials and opportunities for interactive communication. The materials were selected or designed to improve the professional practice of Itinerant ECSE teachers in Ohio who provide developmental support and instruction to young children who have IEPs and who are 3- 5 years old.

While the primary focus of Itinerant ECSE teachers has been providing direct services to children who have IEPs, the ODE advocates a shift to a consultative approach wherein the Itinerant ECSE teacher supports the implementation of the IEP through consultation with other adults such as early childhood teachers and parents.

Toaccess the ODE policy statement go to the Ohio Department of Education website. Please visit this site periodically so you can examine additions to site content, ‘breaking news’ re: Itinerant ECSE services in Ohio and across the U.S., access e-mail list serve programs, and review professional training options for Itinerant ECSE teachers within your region or across Ohio (including distance learning opportunities).

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Itinerant ECSE Teacher Resource Page

Last Updated: 7/17/19