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PIECES: Performance Indicators for Itinerant Early Childhood Education Specialists

The purpose of PIECES is to provide a method of self-assessment for itinerant ECSE teachers.  Supervisors also might be interested in using this document to support the performance and professional development of itinerant ECSE teachers they supervise.  In addition, this document provides performance-based examples at three levels:  Basic, Proficient and Distinguished.  Itinerant ECSE teachers who are new to their positions can be expected to operate at the “basic” level of performance, while those with more experience and expertise can be expected to operate at either the “proficient” or “distinguished” levels.  We hope this document is useful to those wishing to improve their performance as itinerant ECSE teachers as well as to those who supervise the work of itinerant ECSE teachers. Click here to view the PIECES document.
Last Updated: 7/17/19