Judith Herb College of Education

Project Open House - Pilot Program & Mini-Grant Competition

Pilot Program - Goals

1. Constitution of NW Ohio Advisory Board to include parents and representatives of regional agencies that support inclusion  initiatives in childcare, including support for children with challenging behaviors and other key agencies or organizations.

2. Analyze high-priority childcare and preschool staff professional development needs or technical assistance needs in NW Ohio.

3. Develop pilot activities designed to promote parent and community awareness of childcare or preschool placement options for young children with special needs. 

4.  Promote public awareness of the need for inclusive childcare for young children with special needs in NW Ohio, or in selected regions of NW Ohio.

5.  Improve placement and retention of young children with special needs in childcare programs in NW Ohio.

Mini-Grant Competition

Project Open House will use the lessons learned from administering the pilot program to administer a mini-grant competition to other CCR&R agencies across Ohio to develop mechanisms to support high-quality inclusive childcare that benefit families of children with disabilities as well as the childcare professionals who work with them.  Grantees will also receive extensive technical assistance from Project Open House staff for the length of the project.

Last Updated: 9/11/19