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 Adolescent to Young Adult Education

Three girlsThe Licensure and Master’s Program (LAMP) in Adolescent to Young Adult Education is a unique blend of theory with practice, developed and implemented by an interdisciplinary team of educators. This one-year program is designed to meet the needs of already degreed adult learners and is a comprehensive graduate program. Individuals who already hold a baccalaureate degree in a major other than education can, in one year, become a licensed teacher the State of Ohio.

LAMP graduates earn a Master of Education degree and an initial four-year resident educator license for grades 7 through 12 in one of these content areas: 

English Language Arts


Social Studies

Integrated Science


Earth and Space Science

Life Science



Classroom Experience. Education courses and classroom experiences work hand-in-hand to give students a strong grounding; research has shown that our LAMP students finish these programs with the skills and knowledge of 3rd year teachers. In 2014, the LAMP program received the award for Outstanding Field Experience from The Ohio Association of Teacher Educators.

One year to earn your teaching license. LAMP begins every fall semester in August and ends the following summer in June. During the program, students complete a one-year internship with a mentor teacher in a classroom setting while completing the required coursework on The University of Toledo’s campus. Students also have an early start option of beginning the program in January and completing the program in a year and half.  


To begin contact LAMP@UToledo.edu or 419-530-4967 to request a Course Review Worksheet. This worksheet outlines what undergraduate content background is required for LAMP. Let us know which content area you are interested in teaching. We will work with you to complete the worksheet and answer all your questions. 


Apply to the College of Graduate Studies. Select LAMP Secondary Education. View admission requirements for LAMP

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Sample program
Fall Semester: 12 credit hours
Select one set:

CI 6110 Language arts methods of teaching and CI 6210 Language arts practicum (6 credit hours)
CI 6120 Social studies methods of teaching and CI 6220 Social studies practicum (6 credit hours)
CI 6130 Mathematics methods of teaching and CI 6230 Mathematics practicum (6 credit hours)
CI 6140 Science methods of teaching and CI 6240 Science practicum (6 credit hours)

EDP 5110 Basic educational psychology (3 credit hours)
SPED 5000 Issues in special education (3 credit hours)
Spring Semester: 15 credit hours
Select one set:

CI 6150 Language arts advanced methods of teaching and CI 6250 Language arts student teaching/internship (6 credit hours)
CI 6160 Social studies advanced methods of teaching and CI 6260 Social studies student teaching/internship (6 credit hours)
CI 6170 Mathematics advanced methods of teaching and CI 6270 Mathematics student teaching/internship (6 credit hours)
CI 6180 Science advanced methods in teaching and CI 6280 Science student teaching/internship (6 credit hours) 

TSOC 5300 Philosophy and education (3 credit hours)
RESM 5210 Testing and grading (3 credit hours)
CI 6410 Content area literacy (3 credit hours)
Summer Semester: 9 credit hours
CI 6950 Student teaching and internship: LAMP (3 credit hours)
CI 6890 Theory and research in learning and teaching content (3 credit hours)
CI 6900 Master’s research seminar (3 credit hours)

Contact Us at lamp@utoledo.edu or call 419-530-4967

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