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What is LAMP?

The Licensure and Master's Program (LAMP) is designed for someone who has an undergraduate degree in an area other than education and would like to become a licensed teacher. Our program offers courses that will lead to teacher licensure by the State of Ohio and a Master’s degree in education. 

AYA students

Q:  Do I have to have any education courses to enter the program?
A:  Education courses are not necessary as you receive all needed coursework in the program.  There are some students that may have education courses, but all courses in LAMP must be taken as part of the program.

Q:  Who typically applies to the program?
A:  Some of our applicants are recent graduates, mostly from Ohio schools, and some applicants are career changers.

Q:  Do my content area courses need to be completed prior to starting the program, or can I take some courses during the LAMP year? 
A:  All courses must be completed prior to starting the classroom-based part of the program in August.  If additional content is needed, you can complete the courses before you start the program, but your acceptance will be on the condition that the courses have been completed with the required GPA of 2.7 or higher.

What is the deadline to apply to the program? 

You should plan to have your application submitted to The College of Graduate Studies by May to begin the program in August. If you are planning to get an early start on courses beginning in January you should plan to have your application submitted by early December.  

Q:  Do I need to pass the Ohio Assessment Test for my subject area before the program starts? 
A:  Yes, the College of Education needs to have a copy of your scores before you begin the classroom-based part of the program in August.  Tests dates, sites and required test(s) can be found at Ohio Assessment for Educators.  This test will cover the subject area in which you will be licensed. 

Q:  When does the program start? 
A:  There will be a one-week orientation in August before the fall semester begins. You will most likely start in the school in which you will be placed when fall semester starts at The University of Toledo.  Your courses at the university will start the same week. If you are doing an early start you will take some courses in the previous spring semester. 

Q:  Do I have to find a placement for the year?
A:  No, we will arrange school placements as part of the program. We arrange  placements within a 30 mile radius from the university.  We do, however, try to find placements that are within minimal driving time from your home.  You will not be placed in a school where you attended or a family member is working.

Q:  When does the program end?
A:  The program will end by July 1.  At this time, you will have spent the school year completing a year-long internship and will be ready to apply for licensure in Ohio.  You will also have completed a Master of Education.

Q:  Are there evening classes?
A:  All classes will be during the day and finished by 5 p.m.  We want to allow for study time and family time.

Do I follow the school’s break or UToledo’s break for holidays?

You will be following UToledo’s schedule for courses taken on campus, but breaks will most likely not coincide with your placement school.  You will need to be at the school when they are in session.  You will be on break only when both UT and the school are on break.

Middle Childhood students

Q:  What is the cost of the program?
A:  Financial information is available here. LAMP is a  36 hour program. This includes tuition and fees, which are subject to change.

Q:  Are scholarships available? 
A:  Yes, the Judith Herb College of Education does offer scholarship opportunities that are offered in March of each year. 

Q:  How many students are accepted into the program? 
A:  Cohort size will range from 28 students to 35 students each year.  

Q:  Is the Ohio Licensure accepted in other states?
A:  Yes, Ohio has a respected licensure code and over 35 states see this as a transferable license.  If interested, please check the Ohio Department of Education for additional states and their licensure requirements.


 melissa spann

Melissa Spann, LAMP Advisor
Academic Advisor/Enrollment Specialist

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Last Updated: 7/14/20