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This program is designed for students seeking a career as a music educator in a school setting.  Coursework includes music education and professional education course work followed by a student teaching experience. 

music studentMusic course requirements are only offered fall and spring semesters. Some of the non-music course requirements are often offered in the summer. One semester of off-campus full-time student teaching is required the last semester. 

Upon completion of the Master degree program, students may file an application to the Ohio Department of Education for initial licensure and become licensed teachers in the State of Ohio. Currently, the State of Ohio has reciprocal agreements with approximately 40 other states which enable individuals with an Ohio Teaching License to teach in those states.

Acceptance into the LAMP Music Education

Acceptance in this program requires either an undergraduate degree in music education or an undergraduate degree in music. A transcript review will be conducted to determine what, if any, equivalency undergraduate courses need to be satisfied for official admittance into the program. 

In addition, applicants into the program must:

  • Prepare a statement indicating why you want to become a music teacher and discussing your previous experience with school-aged children.
  • Request that three persons submit letters of recommendation on your behalf. Letters should comment on the applicant's performance in instructional, tutoring, or mentoring roles; personal, professional, and musical strengths and challenges.
  • Obtain criminal and child abuse clearances.
  • Successfully complete an audition/interview.

For the audition/interview, you will be asked to:

  • Perform at least 10 minutes of music in your applied area (representative of at least two different time periods/styles).  You must demonstrate the technical and musicianship skills equivalent to a first-semester junior in Music Education.
  • Demonstrate your vocal and keyboard skills.
  • Meet with at least two music education faculty members to discuss your plans and interest in the program.

You will receive a letter notifying you of your status within a month of your audition/interview.

Contact the Department of Music at UTMusic@utoledo.edu or 419.530.2448

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Last Updated: 7/17/19