Peace Education and Peace Studies

The Judith Herb College of Education at The University of Toledo offers an undergraduate interdisciplinary Minor in Peace Studies and an online Graduate Certificate Program in the Foundations of Peace Education.  These academic programs are complemented by an array of research, international and community-based initiatives and supported by a university-wide network of Peace Studies Faculty Fellows.

Peace Studies is concerned with inquiry, scholarship, and action regarding the reduction and elimination of violence and the establishment of the conditions for the possibility of peace and justice to flourish at all levels of human organization.  Complementing these perspectives, Peace Education at UT explores the philosophical, sociological and psychological dimensions of learning and education essential for global citizens to critically understand and transform all forms of violence and the patterns of thought that justify and support them.  

Minor in peace studies

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Peace Studies launches in Fall 2016. The Minor provides a "peace & justice lens" that can be applied to any traditional Major at UT. Learn more...

online graduate certificate in foundations of peace education

The Graduate Certificate is designed for education professionals working in a variety of environments such as public schools, community colleges, universities, and non-government organizations.  Learn more...


Are you interested in peace but unsure about job possibilities after graduation? We've mapped out dozens of career paths, including traditional and creative vocations. Learn more...


See what's happening and what we've been up to related to peace and justice at UT.  Learn more...

resources in peace @ UT

The University of Toledo is home to several research efforts and globally recognized & locally focused programs in peace and social justice.  Learn more...

peace studies faculty fellows

Meet our network of faculty from across campus and learn how they are applying peace and justice in disciplines ranging from environmental science to business.  Learn more...


Last Updated: 2/26/24