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Career-Tech Supplemental License

Have work experience and are now interested in teaching career-technical pathways? Then Career-Tech is the program for you!

Career_Tech StudentThe Career-Tech 24-Hour Supplemental License program is designed for individuals seeking licensure for a specific career-technical pathway for teaching in an approved career-tech workforce development program. Pathways include agriculture, health careers, business, family and consumer science careers, marketing, or career-technical.

The Career-Tech Education Teacher Licensure Program develops professional career and technical educators who foster the development of students by preparing them for a high-performance workforce that is in constant transition. The program prepares teachers to plan, execute and assess instruction. You’ll develop skills necessary to organize content, create a positive learning environment, exercise appropriate teaching methods, and continue to reflect and develop professionally.

You must have at least 5 years professional work experience in a career field, and have been hired by a school district to teach in that field. Because this program is designed for working educators, courses are offered afternoons and evenings. Completion of the program takes two years. 


Master's Degree in Career-Tech

Students with an interest in Career-Tech may pursue a Master’s Degree either independently or alongside completion of the Career-Tech Licensure Program. Because each student is unique, a faculty advisor will help you design a plan of study depending on your needs, prior education, and interests. We offer an ongoing admissions process.

Career Tech Student

The Master's Degree course of study, which requires 30 semester hours, has three components:

  • Basic (core) requirements
  • Major and /or license requirements, and
  • Internship / practicum: The internship/practicum is a scholarly project working with administrators or at the university level, completed within your own classroom.

Fifteen of the 24 credit hours completed for the Career-Tech licensure can also be applied towards the Master’s Degree. Note: if you wish to pursue both licensure and a Master’s degree simultaneously you must choose to do so before enrolling. 



The goal of this endorsement program is to give licensed teachers the skills to work with at-risk students and help improve academic competence, graduate from high school, develop employability skills, implement a career plan and participate in a career pathway in preparation for postsecondary education and/or careers. Qualified individuals employed by a school district are eligible for admission to the CBI Program. 


Admission Requirements

Career-Tech Master's Degree

Career-Tech Supplemental License (Summer Admission Only)

Career-Based Intervention Endorsement

  • Complete UToledo graduate non-degree seeking application
  • Hold a professional teaching license
  • Have two years of successful teaching experience (please submit resume with application)
  • Have one year of work experience outside of education


Program Contact


Debra Heban, M.Ed.

Career and Technical Education




Last Updated: 1/10/23