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Registration Issues
Student Teaching

Registration Issues

Q:  When can I register for classes?

A:  Priority registration is based on the number of credit hours you've earned. Earned hours are listed on your transcript. The priority registration schedule is available online at

Q:  How can I add a class?

A:  You may add a class using the myUT Portal through the fifth calendar day of the fall or spring term. Starting on the sixth calendar day, you must secure an instructor's signature to add a class. Courses may be added through the 15th calendar day of the fall or spring term. Course request forms are available in Gillham Hall 3100. Signed forms are submitted to Rocket Solution Central for processing. Dates vary for summer terms; check with the registrar's office.

Q: How do I drop a class?

A:  You may drop classes online using the myUT Portal through the 15th calendar day of the fall or spring term. No signatures are required.

Q: There's a hold on my account. What do I do?

A:  In most cases, the hold will require contacting Rocket Solution Central. If the hold is for academic advising, call Student Services at 419.530.2495 to schedule an advising appointment.

Q: I just graduated from UT and I want to take some more courses. What do I do?

A:  You need to complete readmission paperwork before you are eligible to register. Please call 419.530.2495 to schedule an appointment or make arrangements with your advisor.

Student Teaching

Q. What are the requirements for student teaching?

A.  You must meet the following requirements prior to the semester that you plan to student teach:

  • Full admission to Professional Education.
  • Completion of a minimum of 100 semester hours.
  • Completion of 90% of course work in the major area(s) of study.
  • Completion of all required prerequisite professional education courses including methods course(s) and satisfactory completion of all field experiences. 
  • A minimum 2.7 GPA in major(s)/licensure areas, professional education, UToledo GPA,  and overall as determined by the overall higher education GPA.
  • Meeting Ohio's good moral character requirement.

Q. When do I apply for Student Teaching?

A.  You must apply for student teaching nine months before the semester you plan to student teach.  If you plan to student teach during the Fall Semester, you must apply during the preceding November.  If you plan to student teach during the Spring Semester, you must apply during the preceding April.

Q. What happens after I apply?

A.  A thorough REVIEW of your course work at the University will be completed and sent to you. The Office of Student Field Experience will use the REVIEW to determine your eligibility for student teaching and notify you of your status by mail. If your status is "approved" or "pending", the Office of Student Field Experience will identify a tentative placement for your student teaching. If you are "not approved" for student teaching, you may schedule an appointment with the Office of Field Experience to discuss your status.

Q. How are placements made?

A.  The Office of Student Field Experience identifies tentative placements based on criteria established by the University and the availability of teachers who are qualified and willing to take students. Placements are made in Lucas, Fulton, and Wood Counties in Ohio and Monroe County in Michigan. Students must be able to provide their own transportation to these sites.

Q. When are students notified about their placements?

A.You will be notified of your tentative placement by mail several weeks prior to the beginning of the semester you plan to student teach. Your placement is not final until the teacher has interviewed you and agreed to accept you as a student teacher. Therefore, you must contact the teacher as soon as you receive your letter to schedule this important interview.

Q. What is the student teaching interview process?

A.  Immediately after the Office of Student Field Experiences notifies you of your placement, you must call the school to arrange an interview with the principal and/or cooperating teacher. Your placement is tentative until your cooperating teacher gives final approval based on this important interview. You should prepare for the interview by doing the following:

  1. Print 2 copies of the Student Teacher Handbook.
  2. Type a brief resume using the personal data information form (below, or on page 38 of the Student Teacher Handbook).
  3. Practice answering the following:
    • Please give me the 3-5 minute version of your background and education.
    • Why did you decide to become a teacher?
    • Describe your previous field experiences.
    • What are some things you learned about teaching from these experiences? (i.e., daily routines, time management, teaching strategies, providing for individual differences, maintaining appropriate student behavior)
    • What are your goals for student teaching?
    • What strengths do you bring to the classroom?
    • What are some areas in which you may need support during student teaching?
    • What else would you like to me to know about you?
  4. You should also be prepared to ask questions to become acquainted with the school, the community, school policies, the students, and the classes you will be teaching. Questions you may want to ask include:
    • What is the cultural background of the community and students?
    • What is the level of parental involvement?
    • What is the educational philosophy of the school? Of the teacher?
    • Are there any special policies I should know about?
    • What courses will I be teaching? Grade level? Number of students?
    • What teaching resources will I have access to?
    • What are the school hours?
    • Where should I park?

Remember that first impressions tend to be long-lasting.  Be sure that you are dressed in a professional manner!

Last Updated: 6/27/22