Office of Student Services

Liability and Insurance Coverage During Student Field Experiences

As a Judith Herb College of Education student, you may be concerned about your legal liability and insurance coverage while involved with children (or adults) in assigned field experience settings.  The following should help to clarify your position.

Adults who work with children or (dependent) adults in schools or in institutions, either off- or on-campus, could be held liable in the event of accidents or other forms of damage resulting from negligence.  As a student assigned to a field experience setting, you are no exception when you assume “duty of care.”  This is true regardless of your current level and/or the extent of your instructional involvement.

At present, The University of Toledo maintains insurance coverage against potential legal actions involving students.  You are strongly encouraged, however, to obtain additional insurance coverage on your own.  Four potential sources are:

  • Membership in the Student Division of the Ohio Educational Association (OSEA);
  • Membership in the Toledo Federation of Teachers;
  • Coverage through independent insurance agents;
  • If you are a student in Special Education or Early Childhood Education, you have additional options through student membership in the Council for Exceptional Children or The Association for Childhood Education International, as well as the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

If you wish further information regarding liability insurance, please contact the office at (419) 530-2906 or fax (419) 530-7249.


Last Updated: 6/27/22