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Teach Toledo is an initiative to recruit local students to pursue the Associate of Arts Degree with a focus on Urban Education in a community-based, supportive environment that involves them in P-12 classroom experience from day one of their program, and provides them with content skills and knowledge necessary to be effective, dedicated urban teachers. 

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Lynne Hamer - Coordinator



Teach Toledo will provide aspiring teachers with opportunities to:

  • Work in an urban school building in order to have extensive experience interacting with the children, families, and communities in urban settings (aligns with the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE) standards for teacher education);
  • Interact with peers from diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds with a common purpose of improving urban education;
  • Understand the culture and history of racially and ethnically diverse U.S. populations, via University of Toledo Associate of Arts degree general education core requirements;
  • Become part of a community of practice in which novices and experts work together, combining learning with action;
  • Receive necessary information and support regarding management of finances, time, and other resources to enable successful completion of degree.

The University of Toledo and Toledo Public Schools have been collaborating since 2011 to deliver the UT@TPS program, designed to make college education more accessible to adults in the greater Toledo area while building a college-going culture in central city schools. 

Teach Toledo Vision and Mission:


Helping Toledo's citizens become tomorrow's teachers.


Teach Toledo supports the development of diverse educators committed to representing local and national urban communities.


Teach Toledo represents a targeted initiative that will take place within the infrastructure that UT and TPS already have in place in the form of the UT@TPS program.  

Last Updated: 11/13/17