Teach Toledo

Teach Toledo Plan of Study

A Cohort-Based, Off-Campus Associate Degree with a path to the On-Campus Bachelor’s Degree

Associate Degree

Teach Toledo students normally take a full-time load (4 courses/semester) in order to complete the Associate of Arts degree within 2 ½  years (or 5 semesters), though attending part-time (2 courses/semester) will be an option.  Teach Toledo classes are offered Fall and Spring semesters only due to financial aid constraints. 


At least the first two semesters’ classes take place at TPS’s Jones Leadership Academy.  Offering courses off-campus provides a substantial financial advantage to students in form of reduced tuition and fees, but also maintains the community-based nature of the program and provides opportunity for classroom experience early in the degree program. 

Modified Cohort

Teach Toledo is a “modified cohort”: it is a cohort in that students commit to travel through the program together and faculty commit to interact consistently with them through that time; however, it is modified in that new students can come into the cohort and that students in the cohort can opt to attend part-time.

An Associate-to-Bachelor’s degree

The Associate Degree is NOT a licensure degree: graduates will not be licensed to teach in P-12 classrooms.  Licensure in Ohio, as in other states, typically requires a Bachelor’s degree among other things.

Teach Toledo students who attend full-time in Fall and Spring semesters will earn their Associate degree in approximately 2 ½ years, or five semesters. They can then continue in a regular, on-campus degree program for their Bachelor’s degree, with most of the classes from the first two years “counting” toward this more advanced degree and preparing students to apply for State of Ohio teaching licensure.

The Associate of Arts Degree Plan of Study

The Teach Toledo Associate of Arts Degree plan of study includes skills and content that research shows will contribute to effective urban teaching, while at the same time fulfilling many requirements for the Bachelor’s degree and Special Education licensure in the State of Ohio (under requirements as of Jan. 2016). 

Courses offered are the same as those on campus except that they will be specially designed for Teach Toledo to focus on issues and knowledge essential to urban teaching.  These include African and African American history and culture, Latin American and Latino American history and culture, understanding the impact of various levels of government on schooling, understanding economic systems in urban environments, and working for the common good and social welfare.

Once a student completes the coursework specified in the Plan, they will have earned their Associate of Arts degree.

Gateway to Licensure in Special Education and other fields, and Your Advisor

The Teach Toledo Plan of Study is designed to align with requirements for the Special Education Bachelor’s degree and State of Ohio teaching licensure: most of the courses in the Associate degree fill requirements on the ECE Bachelor’s degree plan of study. 

Because degree and licensure requirements differ for Middle Grades and Adolescent/Young Adult, Special Education, and other fields like language, music, and art education, Teach Toledo students may enter into these licensure programs but not as many of the Associate degree classes may apply to those plans of study.

Similarly, Teach Toledo graduates may pursue Bachelor’s degrees in fields outside of education, such as social work, criminal justice, pre-law, medical fields, business, or liberal arts, and many of the courses from the Teach Toledo Associate degree will count on these Bachelor’s degree plans of study; however, there will be some different requirements, so not all coursework will count toward Bachelor’s degrees in those fields.

Advising matters! The advising and course schedule in Teach Toledo is designed for the credits earned in the Associate degree to count toward the Bachelor’s in Education with a concentration in Special Education.  Students enrolled in Teach Toledo are advised to get an advisor in the college in which they intend to enroll for their Bachelor’s degree, early in their Associate degree career, to plan their course of study to align with the Bachelor’s degree requirements in their chosen fields.

Last Updated: 7/24/19