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Praxis Test Preparation Workshops

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What are the Praxis tests?

  • The Praxis Test evaluates skills in writing, reading and math and is required for teaching licensure in the State of Ohio. 
  • It consists of three separate sections which can be taken all at once (4 ½ hours) or one at a time (1 ½ hours each).
  • At UT, students must pass this test before they are admitted to the Professional Education Program at UT for their junior and senior years of coursework toward their Ohio Teaching License. 

What are the workshops?

  • During the second week of UT’s Intersession, a free, 4-part workshop will introduce students to the test, the content, the strategies, and practice materials.
  • During Spring Semester, weekly workshops will keep students on track, provide additional help in mastering content and demonstrating mastery, and provide a group support structure for taking the three tests so students can feel calm and prepared.

Why are the workshops necessary?

  • Students need to know the skills and knowledge that will be tested, and they need practice showing their skills and knowledge on a test.
  • Students also need to have test-taking strategies, they need to know what tools are available during the test and what is not allowed, and they need practice taking the test.
  • Students need to pass the tests the first time they pay for them: the test costs $150 if taken all at once, or $60 for each of the three parts ($180) if taken one at a time.  We strongly advise taking them one at a time. Those who participate in the workshop will take practice tests to help assure they pass each section the first time. 
  • Some students need financial assistance to pay for the tests.  Teach Toledo students who participate fully in the workshops will qualify for financial assistance if they need it.

Who should attend the workshops?

  • Teach Toledo students are required to attend both the intersession and second-semester workshops .
  • The only exception is if a student has a written document from the UT JHCOE Associate Dean of Education stating that their ACT or SAT scores are on file and that their scores are complete and high enough that the Praxis is not required for admission to Professional Education.
  • If you are not part of Teach Toledo but would like to attend the workshops, please contact us—see below.  If the workshops seem to meet your needs, you will be welcome to join us.


When and where are the workshops?

  • Intersession Workshops are Monday through Thursday, January 7-10, 2019, from 4-6 pm at Jones Leadership Academy, Toledo Public Schools.
  • Second Semester Workshops will be weekly at Jones at a time to be determined.  Participation in the Intersession Workshops is required for participation second semester. 

Who will teach the workshops?

Julie Radwanski

  • Julie Radwanski, Academic Services Coordinator for the Learning Enhancement Center at the University of Toledo, specializes in study skills and test-taking strategies.  She will teach the Intersession Workshop and will be a guest during the Second Semester Workshop.

Lynne Hamer

  • Dr. Lynne Hamer, Coordinator of Teach Toledo, believes strongly that students can prepare and pass these tests if they prepare adequately and have the support and information needed to prepare. She will coordinate practice sessions during the Intersession Workshop and will lead the Second Semester Workshops.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Lynne Hamer, Teach Toledo Program Coordinator, lynne.hamer@utoledo.edu , 419-283-8288 or Like us below. 

Last Updated: 7/24/19