College of Engineering

Talking to Humans

The book “Talking to Humans - Success starts with understanding your customers” would seem to be aimed at either entrepreneurs or salespeople. But it is a valuable teaching tool for engineers like you because your employer needs you to be a great communicator as well as a talented engineer. Within your job, the more you can think, act, and communicate like an entrepreneur, the more success you will have. This book can help you recognize and acquire the out-of-the-box skills you need.

This link will take you to a digital version of "Talking to Humans" by Giff Constable. 

Please respond to the following prompt in approximately a half-page response (approx. 200 words). This prompt should make you think beyond the reading material. You will be asked about the definition of “INTRAPRENEUR”. You must also think about why your employer will want you to be one. You will need to do additional work to satisfactorily complete the prompts. 

Last Updated: 6/27/22