Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Behrang Poorganji, Ph.D.

Behrang Poorganji

Research Professor, Director Institute of Applied Engineering Research

Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering

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Dr. Behrang Poorganji is a Research Professor and a Director of Advanced Manufacturing at the University of Toledo Institute of Applied Engineering Research. Dr. Poorganji has more than 20 years of experience in metallic materials processing with 10 years of direct experience with Additive Manufacturing (3D printing). Behrang received his Ph.D. in metallurgy and materials processing from Tohoku University in Japan in 2007.

Most Recently, Dr. Poorganji served as a VP of Advanced Technology at Beehive3D, Inc., and he was the former director of materials technology organization at GE Additive. Dr. Poorganji led engineering teams on AM materials design, AM process development, powders processes, development, AM materials behavior, and characterization. Dr. Poorganji has extensive experience in different management and lead technical positions in aerospace, power management, and automotive industries globally (Japan, Canada, and the USA). Dr. Poorganji worked with several firms and industries worldwide in Additive Manufacturing as a senior advisor and consultant providing solutions for full industrialization and AM adoption.

Dr. Poorganji supervised 10 Ph.D. and Master's Students in the completion of their thesis and degrees. Dr. Poorganji has +100 Keynote Speeches, Invited Talks, Conference Presentations, Peer Reviewed Journal Papers, Technical Interviews, and Book Chapters. He also holds DFSS green belt and Program and Project Management Certificates.

In his spare time, Behrang enjoys family activities, playing volleyball, swimming, reading books, and cooking.


Research Interests

Institute of Applied Engineering Research

  • Additive Manufacturing Materials and Process Development
  • Powder Metallurgy
  • Accelerated Alloy Design
  • High Temperature and Light Weight Materials
  • Materials-Process-Property Relationships.
  • Thermomechanical Processes.
  • Technology Commercialization.


Google Scholar Profile


  • Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) of Metallic Materials and Components.
  • Physical and Mechanical Properties of Materials.
  • Powder Metallurgy.
  • Thermomechanical Processing of Metallic Materials.
  • Topics in Alloy Design and Lightweight Materials.
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Phase Transformation and Thermodynamics
  • Advanced Materials Characterization.


  • Director of Additive Manufacturing, Applier Engineering Research Institute
  • Additive Manufacturing Symposium Lead Organizer at TMS (2016-2017-2018-2019-2020-2021)
  • TMS Additive Manufacturing Bridge Committee officer (2018-2020)
  • Adjunct Pro. At University of Waterloo, Canada (June 2019- Present)
  • Industrial Advisory Board HI-AM consortium, Canada, (2018-present)
  • EATON’s Representative at America Makes (June 2014-December 2015)
  • Organizer of Advanced Metallography Workshop, May 2009, Sendai, Japan
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