Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Chunhua Sheng, Ph.D.

chengProfessor, Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Director, High-Performance Computing Laboratory

Nitschke Hall 4064
The University of Toledo
2801 W. Bancroft St., MS 312
Toledo, OH 43606-3390
Phone: (419) 530-8248
Fax: (419) 530-8206
Email: Chunhua.Sheng@UToledo.Edu



Doctor of Philosophy, Aerospace Engineering; Mississippi State University, Mississippi

Master of Science, Jet Propulsion; Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China

Bachelor of Science, Jet Propulsion; Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China

Research Interests:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Numerical Algorithms for Structured and Unstructured Grids
  • Turbulence and Transition Modeling
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction Coupling


  • Gas Dynamics (MIME 4560/5560)
  • Jet Propulsion (MIME 4540/5540)
  • Turbomachinery (MIME4510/5510)
  • Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (MIME6980/8980)


Books and Book Chapters

  • Sheng C. (2017) Advances in Transitional Flow Modelling: Applications to Helicopter Rotors, Springer Nature, ISBN 978-3-319-32576-7, Springer International Publishing AG, Gewerbestrasse 11, 6330 Cham, Switzerland, 2017
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Journal Articles

  • Zhong D., and Sheng, C. (2020) “A New Method Towards High-Order WENO Schemes on Structured and Unstructured Grids,” Computers & Fluids, 200 (2020) 104453.
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