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Precision and Micro-Machining Laboratory

The Precision Micro-Machining Center established in 1999 by Dr. Ioan Marinescu, is an integrated industry-academic research center. The aim of this center is to conduct research and development on micro-machining processes and technologies for use in industry.

At present, our center includes a respectable list of companies from within the USA and across the world, 9 PhD students working as associate researchers and 40 Masters students working on projects related to different manufacturing processes. All offices and laboratories are located in the College of Engineering complex. 

The Precision Micro-Machining Center is in direct response to the industry's increasing need for improved machining technology for difficult-to-machine materials. This center is mainly focused on processing components requiring surfaces with roughness and tolerances at sub-micron and nano-meter levels. 

The PMMC combines the resources and capabilities of industry, universities, and government agencies in a partnership to develop enabling technologies for efficient use of micro-machining. Industry collaboration helps direct research programs to address critical technological problems and university expertise is applied to micro-machining research of benefit to participating companies. 

The research program at PMMC has been developed in two major directions: fundamental research of manufacturing processes and applied research and technology transfer. The fundamental research consists of projects funded by federal agencies (NSF, NIST, DOE, DOD), the State of Ohio and The University of Toledo. The applied research includes a subdivision of the PMMC, the Abrasive Micro-Machining Consortium (AMMC), which has industrial funding and works closely with specific Companies.

PMMC research encompasses not only the majority of manufacturing processes but also performs testing techniques and emerging technologies. 

We are proud of our engineering facilities which include state-of-the-art laboratories, excellent computer and laboratory equipment, and a highly motivated and professional research team. Ultimately the PMMC hopes to grow into a State-Industry-Academia research and development center. We strongly urge you to visit us at The University of Toledo, Ohio.


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Last Updated: 4/8/24