Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

People in the RAD lab

Members of the Robotics, Automation, and Design Lab

The members and Robots of the RAD Lab

Left to right: Maharshi, Prem Anand, Dr. Schroeder, Corey, Shirshak, Hannah

Adam Schroeder


Adam Schroeder, Ph.D. 
Assistant Lecturer 
Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

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Graduate Researchers

Hediyeh Dabbaghi

Hediyeh Dabbaghi, Ph.D.


Prem Anand Venkateswaran

Prem Anand Venkateswaran, Ph.D.


Joshua Stanley

Joshua Stanley, Masters


Jackson Brandstaetter

Jackson Brandstaetter, Masters

Undergraduate Researchers 

Hannah Haselhuhn

Hannah Haselhuhn

Kaustubh More

Kaustubh More

Former Students

  • Jordan Evanski, BSME 2020, Lockheed Martin
  • Mark Rooney, BSME 2020, Epic Systems

Shirshak Adhikari

Shirshak Adhikari, 

MSME 2021 - Amazon Robotics

Luis De la Vega

Luis De la Vega, 

MSME 2021 - Nucor Steel

Corey Williams

Corey Williams, 

MSME 2021 - BAE Systems

Maharshi Patel, Masters

Maharshi Patel,

MSME 2021



Last Updated: 6/27/22