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Bar Prep Fee

The Bar Prep Fee is $480 per semester for five semesters  total amount not to exceed $2,400. The fee covers the cost of BARBRI bar preparation services throughout your law school experience and a post-graduate bar review course. This discounted package offers you access to one of the top bar prep courses in the nation.

Course work/Materials Provided

1L Mastery Program

BARBRI's 1L Mastery Program includes comprehensive outlines, review lectures, and practice questions. Materials are available for Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Real Property, and Torts. Access will be active for 3 years from when you start the session. No grade or college credit will be reflected on your transcript for this session.

2L/3L Mastery Program

BARBRI's 2L/3L Mastery Program also includes comprehensive outlines, review lectures, and practice questions. Materials are available for Agency, Constitutional Law, Corporations, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Partnerships, Secured Transactions, Taxation, and Wills. Access will be active for 2 years from when you become a 2L and start the session. No grade or college credit will be reflected on your transcript for this session.

Multistate Professional Responsibility Exams (MPRE) Review Session

You may take BARBRI's Multistate Professional Responsibility Exams (MPRE) Review Session during your 2L or 3L year. The complete review features a comprehensive and mini-review outline, lecture, practice questions, and online assessment platform. Access will be active throughout your 2L and 3L years and up to 2 years after you graduate. No grade or college credit will be reflected on your transcript for this session.

Final Year Extended Bar Review Course

You may take this for-credit course in your final year. You'll receive college credit, and grades will be reflected on your transcript for this session. Specifically, the course will include:

  • Course syllabus
  • PowerPoint presentations and detailed instructor lecture notes for each class
  • Student materials for the course
  • Access to Matrix Learning Management System for the online classroom to include access to Accelerated Memory and Performance (AMP), lectures, practice Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) questions, analytics, and model answers
  • Grading of 3 essays and 1 Multistate Performance Test (MPT) for students

Post-Graduate BARBRI Review Course

The BARBRI Post-Graduate BARBRI Review Course is available to you post-graduation. No grade or course credit will be reflected on your transcript for this session. The course is available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and includes all of the following:

  • BARBRI's Accelerated Memory and Performance (AMP) for all Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) subjects
  • Exam-proven outlines for every Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) and state subject
  • Lectures from BARBRI's expert faculty
  • Exclusive Conviser Mini Review
  • A complete set of practice questions for all sections of the exam, including past bar exam essays with model answers
  • Over 2,200 practice Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) questions available both online and in printed form with model answers
  • BARBRI's Simulated Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) with national performance ranking for each student based on the largest national sample size of students
  • BARBRI's Personalized Study Plan (PSP), an interactive and adaptive daily study tool designed to help you "study smarter, not harder," derived from years of experience in preparing students to pass the Bar Exam, student performance data, and learning science. Uniquely, the Personalized Study Plan (PSP) employs motivational science and cues to keep you engaged. It also provides you with detailed progress and performance reporting.
  • Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) and State Diagnostic Questions, a series of black-letter law questions covering the most frequently tested and important concepts on the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) designed to:
    • Measure the depth of your black-letter law knowledge
    • Create personalized homework assignments that appear in your PSP to help improve understanding in particular topic areas
    • Provide real-time performance feedback to help you gauge your proficiency
  • Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) Subject Tutorials, BARBRI's hour-long tutorials with subject-specific approaches to each Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) subject, including:
    • Review of the most frequently tested concepts in each subject
    • Tips on how to master, store, recall, and use the substantive rules in each subject to solve Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) questions
    • General exam tips and a review of systematic problem-solving habits
  • Essay Architect, an exclusive, interactive BARBRI learning tool, which is designed to:
    • Train you in the art of bar exam written analysis by showing you how to critically read bar exam essay questions and write the lawyer-like answers that bar examiners expect to see
    • Provide you with a series of step-by-step exercises that incrementally show you how to apply essay reading and essay writing skills with precision
    • Show you how to isolate legally significant facts, reassemble essay responses to enhance clarity and organization, and pull everything together in constructing an essay
    • Provide immediate, real-time feedback
  • Essay grading of 3 essays with individualized, detailed feedback

How do I opt out?

You may opt out of the Bar Prep Fee at any time by submitting an email request to Jodie Birch, business manager at the College of Law. The written request must include the date, your full name, and Rocket ID number. Refunds are processed twice per year and will be refunded in the manner you selected to receive funds from the University. Any Bar Prep fees assessed and paid prior to opting out are subject to the refund terms listed below.

Full Refund

Under Article II, Paragraph C of the BARBRI Service Agreement, if you elect to never activate your Service account or do not receive any materials, upon written request to the College of Law and BARBRI's verification of non-activation, you will receive a refund of 100% of the Bar Prep Fees collected and paid — not to exceed $2,400.

A Service account is activated when you use Bar Course materials, including the Early Start Bar Review Online materials and course, 3L Extended Bar Prep course and materials, the actual BARBRI Bar Review Course (online or classroom), and receive the materials for the Bar Review Course.

A Service account is not activated when you use the 1L Mastery or 2L/3L Mastery materials while in law school. Use of the MPRE course will also not activate your Service account.

Reduced Refund

If you drop, withdraw, are academically dismissed from the University, or wish to opt out of the Bar Prep Fee, after your Service account has been activated, you are eligible to apply for a reduced refund.

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