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Geoffrey Rapp

Geoffrey Rapp
Harold A. Anderson Professor of Law and Values

With some estimates as high as half a trillion dollars worldwide, sports are a surging industry. At the intersection of the increasing number of legal battles among owners, players, networks and sponsors debating how the money should be divvied up is Geoffrey Rapp. An editor for the popular Sports Law Blog, Rapp is sought by national news organizations for his views on individual legal troubles such as those of Lance Armstrong, contract negotiations and lockouts between player unions and owners, NCAA violations and national sports scandals such as the example of Penn State. 

Expertise: Sports law

Penn State scandal
“Thankfully, the tragic events that led to Monday's announcement of NCAA sanctions against Penn State are unprecedented in the world of college athletics. NCAA President Mark Emmert was operating without a playbook. Unfortunately, the NCAA made the wrong call. The only punishment here that fit the crime was the so-called death penalty: a temporary suspension of the football program.”

Opposing view: Penn State deserved ‘death penalty’
USA Today
July 2012

NFL union negotiations
"Owners likely will be able to enforce their lockout, without an injunction, but there is a very real chance the players will be able to show that any number of the NFL's restrictive labor practices are anti-trust violations. The owners will be losing revenue in a lost season, just as the players are losing salaries. It would be terribly self-destructive for both sides to let the season fall by the wayside.”

Calendar, courts, money quicken pace of NFL talks
CBS Sports
June 2011

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