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Lisa Pescara-Kovach

Lisa Pescara-Kovach
Associate Professor of Educational Psychology

Young people are victimized by bullies at an alarming rate and the consequences have tragic effects on teens, parents, schools and communities. The Columbine massacre of 1999 encouraged Lisa Pescara-Kovach her to focus her research on understanding the causes of bullying and find ways to address the issue. Kovach now lectures parents on parenting styles that can lead to their children being bullies or bullied and trains law enforcement agents and school administrators on the psychological and legal implications of bullying, specifically cyberbullying and sexting. She is the author of School Shootings and Suicides: Why We Must Stop the Bullies.

Expertise: Bullying

Rejection bullying
"I want parents to know the types of rejection that exists out there, and I use rejection and bullying synonymously. Parents think of schoolyard bullying with kicking and punching, but there is rejection from your peers and even cyber bullying."

UT professor plans discussion aimed at handling bullies
The Blade
October 2005

Parenting styles
“Sometimes if a parent seems detached or removed and the child doesn’t feel worth anything, those kids might be more vulnerable to believing what those bullies say to them and about them.”

Panel in Springfield Township discusses parenting styles and bullying
Toledo News Now
January 2013

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