Department of Mathematics and Statistics


This page contains the contact information for all members of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UToledo.
    • Faxes to faculty may be sent to 419.530.4720.
James Anderson (Personally Maintained Page)
Assistant Professor | M.S., Purdue University; B.S., The University of Akron
UH 3013 | 419.530.7296 |
Associate Chair and Professor | Ph.D., International School for Advanced Studies; M.S., Universita' Bocconi; B.S., University of Padova (Italy)
UH 2080B | 419.530.3247 |
Research interests: Dynamical systems, control theory and mathematical physics
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Associate Professor | M.A., Ph.D., University of Rochester; M.S., University of Toledo; B.S., Nankai University (China)
UH 2010F | 419.530.2069 |
Research interests: longitudinal data analysis, missing data, U-statistics, robust regression, GEE, variable selection
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Professor | Ph.D., Michigan State University; B.S., M.S., University of Zagreb (Croatia)
UH 2030K | 419.530.2132 |
Research interests: functional analysis, operator theory, complex analysis 
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Assistant Professor | M.S., Ph.D., Cornell University; B.S., Tashkent University (Uzbekistan)
UH 2030L | 419.530.2138 |
Research interests: algebra of differential operators, symplectic geometry, infinite dimensional groups, noncommutative algebraic geometry 
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Assistant Professor | Ph.D., University of Oklahoma; B.Sc., M.S., Ankara University (Turkey)
UH 3016 | 419.530.2996 |
Research interests: geometric group theory and low dimensional topology 

Associate Professor | Ph.D., University at Buffalo; B.S., National University (Vietnam)
UH 4110H | 419.530.2790 |
Research interests: functional analysis, operator theory
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Associate Professor | Ph.D., Michigan State University; M.S., University of North Texas; B.S., Shandong University (China)
UH 3012 | 419.530.2976 |
Research interests: non- and semi-parametric models, nonlinear time series, dimension reduction, econometrics 
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Interim Chair and Associate Professor | M.A., Ph.D., SUNY at Stony Brook; B.S., University of Connecticut
UH 2080C | 419.530.2569 |
Research interests: differential geometry, relativity, foundations of physics
Professor | Ph.D., University of Minnesota; B.S., M.S., Zhejiang University (China)
UH 2010C | 419.530.2970 |
Research interests: partial differential equations, applied analysis
Professor | Ph.D., Texas A&M University; B.S., M.S., Middle East Technical University (Turkey)
UH 4110F | 419.530.3248 |
Research interests: several complex variables, operator theory
View Dr. Sahutoglu's Publications
Associate Professor | Ph.D., York University (Canada); B.S., M.S., Nanjing Normal University (China)
UH 5110B | 419.530.2798 |
Research interests: differential equations and dynamical systems
View Dr. Shan's Publications
Professor | Ph.D., University of Georgia; B.S., M.S., Nankai University (China)
UH 4080C | 419.530.2016 |
Research interests: parametric, nonparametric and semiparametric time series analysis; applications of statistics
View Dr. Shao's Publications
Associate Professor | Ph.D., Research Institute for Symbolic Computation, Austria; B.Sc., M.S., Moscow State University
UH 2010E | 419.530.3252 |
Research interests: algebra, geometry and computational mathematics
View Dr. Shemyakova's Publications
Associate Professor | Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles; B.S., M.A., Long Beach State University
UH 2020C | 419.530.2994 |
Research interests: optimization, calculus of variations, numerical analysis
View Dr. Stein's Publications
Professor | M.S., Ph.D., Open University, University of North Carolina; B.Sc. King's Island (UK)
UH 4080A | 419.530.2802 |
Research interests: differential geometry and Lie theory
Associate Professor | M.S., Ph.D., University of Chicago; B.S., M.S., Tbilisi State University (Georgia)
UH 4080D | 419.530.2647 |
Research interests: algebra
Professor | Ph.D., University of Chicago; B.Sc., M.S., East China Normal University (China)
UH 2020A | 419.530.4506 |
Research interests: statistics

Jingchun Chen
UH 2010B | 419.530.4932 |

Zhenghui Huo (Personally Maintained Page) 
UH 2030A | 419.530.4564 |

Amrita Acharyya
Associate Lecturer | Ph.D., University of Alabama; B.S., M.S., M.A., University of Calcutta (India)
UH 3019 | 419.530.3232 |
Research interests: combinatorics, algebra, topology

Katherine Bryant
Senior Lecturer | B.S., M.S., University of Toledo
UH 5110C | 419.530.3230 |

Jeongoo Cheh
Associate Lecturer | Ph.D., University of Minnesota; B.S., Pohang University of Sciences and Technology (Korea)
UH 5090C | 419.530.3234 |
Research interests: mathematical physics, Lie symmetries, differential invariants

Zhiwei Chen (Personally Maintained Page)
Senior Lecturer | Ph.D., University of Maryland; B.A. Central University of Finance and Economies (China)
UH 4110G | 419.530.4276 |
Research interests: applied mathematics, probability and stochastic processes, partial differential equations

Vani Cheruvu
Associate Lecturer | Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology (India); M.Sc., M.Phil., University of Hyderabad (India)
UH 2030G | 419.530.4767 |
Research interests: computational mathematics, scientific computing, numerical analysis

Hiba Fayoumi
Lecturer | Ph.D., University of Alabama; B.S., M.A., University of Colorado
UH 2010G | 419.530.2979 |
Research interests: logic algebras, groupoid theory, algebraic number theory and cryptography

Katharine Fisher
Distinguished University Lecturer | M.S., University of Calgary (Canada); B.S., Queen's University (Canada)
UH 5090A | 419.530.3210 |

David Gajewski (Personally Maintained Page)
Senior Lecturer | B.S., M.S., Ph.D., University of Toledo
UH 3014 | 419.530.3253 |
Research interests: algebra, number theory, and cryptography

Kevin Gibbs
Senior Lecturer | B.S, M.A., Eastern Michigan University
UH 4340B | 419.530.2479 |

Seung-Moon Hong (Personally Maintained Page)
Senior Lecturer | Ph.D., University of Indiana; B.S., M.S., Hanyang University (South Korea)
UH 2030J | 419.530.2804 |
Research interests: quantum topology, quantum algebra, and topological quantum computation

Paramasamy Karuppuchamy (Personally Maintained Page)
Associate Lecturer | Ph.D., University of Madras (India); B.Sc., M.Sc., Madurai Kamaraj University (India)
UH 2020B | 419.530.3249 |
Research interests: algebra

Gregory Lewis
Senior Lecturer | M.Ed., M.S., The University of Toledo; B.S., Ohio University
UH 4320 | 419.530.3173 |

Hanh Nguyen
Lecturer | M.A., Ph.D., University of Toledo; B.S., University of Technology (Vietnam)
UH 3018 | 419.530.4489 |

Suzan Orra
Senior Lecturer | B.S., M.S., The University of Toledo
UH 2030F | 419.530.2989 |

Sandra Robinson
Associate Lecturer | B.A., M.A., Wayne State University
UH 4110D | 419.530.2679 |

Matthew Sutherland
Senior Lecturer | M.A., Bowling Green State University; B.S. Heidelberg College
UH 4340A | 419.530.2990 |

Suohong Wang
Lecturer | Ph.D., The University of Toledo
UH 2030B | 419.530.2618 |

Wenqi Zhao
Associate Lecturer | M.S., Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin; B.S., Namkai University (China)
UH 3017 | 419.530.2795 |
Research interests: applied mathematics, numerical analysis

Lamar Bentley
Professor Emeritus | Ph.D., Rennsselaer Polytechnic University

Paul Hewitt
Associate Professor Emeritus | Ph.D., Michigan State University
Research interests: algebra, group theory

George Kertz
Professor Emeritus | Ph.D., University of St. Louis

Rao Nagisetty
Professor Emeritus | Ph.D., Steklov Institute, Moscow
UH 3011 |
Research interests: complex analysis, approximation theory, potential theory

Charles Odenthal
Associate Professor Emeritus | Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
UH 3011 | 419.530.2297 |
Research interests: algebra, ring theory

Martin Pettet (Personally Maintained Page)
Professor Emeritus | Ph.D., Yale University
UH 4080A | 419.530.2038 |
Research interests: algebra, group theory

Friedhelm Schwarz
Professor Emeritus | Ph.D., University of Bremen
UH 2010D | 419.530.2927 |
Research interests: general topology, categorical topology, teaching with technology

Stuart Steinberg
Professor Emeritus | Ph.D., University of Illinois
Research interests: algebra, ring theory, ordered algebraic structures

Gwen Terwilliger
Associate Professor Emeritus | Ph.D., University of Toledo

Harris Vayo
Professor Emeritus | Ph.D., University of Illinois
UH 3010 | 419.530.2991 |
Research interests: ordinary and partial differential equations, biomathematics

Denis White (Personally Maintained Page)
Professor Emeritus | Ph.D., Northwestern University
UH 3011 | 419.530.2207 |
Research interests: mathematical physics, Schroedinger operators

Donald White
Professor Emeritus | Ph.D., University of California, Irvine
Research interests: nonlinear statistical modeling, particularly with applications in pharmacology

Harvey Wolff
Professor Emeritus | Ph.D., University of Illinois
UH 3011 | 419.530.5482 |
Research interests: category theory, algebraic structures

David Beekley |M.S.M.E., University of Michigan

Chase Brady | M.S., Miami University

Mohamed Elbialy | Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Research interests: differential equations, functional analysis, dynamical systems, Hamiltonian mechanics, celestial mechanics

Marie Hoover | Associate Professor

Elaine Miller | M.A., Eastern Michigan University

Theresa Myers | M.Ed., University

Robert Ochs | Ph.D., University of Delaware
Research interests: applied mathematics, scattering theory

Lawrence Shears | M.A.T., Brown University

T. Munir Simon | M.B.A., Rutgers University

Edward Stelnicki | M.Ed., University of Toledo

Sibylle Weck-Schwarz (Distinguished University Lecturer)| Ph.D., University of Hannover, Germany

Syed Zaidi | M.S., Emporia State University

L. Joelle Acre
UH 4080G | 419.530.4561 |

Sharaf Anjum
UH 4110A | 419.530.2794 |

Khursed Ansari
UH 2030E | 419.530.2799 |

Narayana Bandara
UH 2030C | 419.530.2789 |

Subodh Bhatta
UH 2280C | 419.530.2975 |

Sanad Biswas
UH 2280C | 419.530.2975 |

Sapuni Sureshika Chandrasena
UH 2020D | 419.530.2619 |

Amanda Cowell

Madhurima Datta
UH 2030C | 419.530.2789 |

Nan Hu
UH 4110A | 419.530.2794 |

Sunil Karn
UH 2030E | 419.530.2799 |

Md Ayubur Rahman Khan
UH 4080F | 419.530.2317 |

Chanaka Kottegoda
UH 2240B |

Xueliang Lu
UH 2010A | 419.530.4931 |

Sabindra Maharjan
UH 2080A | 419.530.2796 |

Sareeta Manandhar

UH 2280A | 419.530.2425 |

Indika Ekanayaka Mudiyanselage(Personally Maintained Page)
UH 2010A | 419.530.4931

Ram Kishore Mukherjee
UH 2080A | 419.530.2796 |

Uthpala Nawalage
UH 4080G | 419.530.4561 |

Meetra Nouri
UH 2280D | 419.530.2459 |

Tasfia Pasha

UH 2280D | 419.530.2619 |

Methsarani Premathilaka
UH 2020D | 419.530.2619 |

Mohammad Arifur Rahman
UH 3007 | 419.530.2354 |

Tomas Miguel Rodriguez
UH 2280B | 419.530.2806 |

Md Ibrahim Tahashilder

UH 2240A | 419.530.2034 |

Kursat Yilmaz (Personally Maintained Page)
UH 2030D | 419.530.2977 |

Yagmur Yilmaz (Personally Maintained Page)
UH 2030D | 419.530.2977 |

Vivian Nelson
Part-Time Instructor
UH 2280 | 419.530.3227 |

Claire Stuve
Part-Time Instructor
FH1080B | 419.530.4383 |

Lilla Horton
UH 2040A | 419.530.2249 |

Debra Middleton
Department Secretary
UH 2040 | 419.530.2568 |

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