Department of Physics and Astronomy

Physics & Astronomy Departmental Awards - Spring 2009

Undergraduate Awards

  • Outstanding Graduating Undergraduate Student, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy: Ryan Zeller
  • Chad Tabory Memorial Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research in Physics & Astronomy: Rachel Gestrich, Rosa Zartman
  • C.V. Wolfe Scholarship in the Natural Sciences (Physics & Astronomy): Kyle Bednar
  • Elgin C. Brooks Memorial Astronomy Scholarship: Marina Kounkel
  • Outstanding Service Award: Adam Gray

Graduate Awards

  • Outstanding Service Award: Michelle Sestak

SPS Honor Society New Inductees

  • Thomas Allen
  • Rachel Gestrich
  • Marina Kounkel
  • Giridhar Nandipati
  • Amruta Nawarange
  • Victor Plotinov
Last Updated: 6/27/22