Department of Physics and Astronomy

McMaster Cosmology Lecture Series

The McMaster Lecture Series in Cosmology at the University of Toledo is named in honor of the late Harold McMaster, a Physics & Astronomy benefactor and local entrepreneur who helped found the glass and photovoltaics industry in Toledo, and who also had a deep love of contemplating the origins of the Universe.  The McMaster fellow delivers a large public lecture on forefront cosmology that draws broad audiences from the University and Toledo communities.  
Previous McMaster Lecturers include:
  • Lloyd Knox (UC Davis), 2014, Confirmed Truths and Remaining Mysteries Regarding the Origin of the Universe
  • David Hogg (New York University), 2013, "What and where is the Dark Matter?"
  • James Bullock (UC Irvine), 2011
  • Alice Shapley (UCLA), 2009
  • Josh Frieman (Univ. of Chicago), 2008
  • Giovanni Fazio (Harvard), 2006
  • Gary Steigman (Ohio State), 2005
  • Paul Steinhardt (Princeton), 2004

For details on this year's McMaster Lecture, see the colloquium schedule.

Last Updated: 6/27/22