Grants Accounting

Online Effort Certification Training

Online Effort Certification is the process used to confirm that the salaries and wages charged to each sponsored project are reasonable in relation to the actual work performed. This new online process will replace the very manual intensive process of certifying effort via the paper "Time & Effort Greet Sheets."  

Training Alternatives  
Grants Accounting has provided a few training alternatives to assist users with orientation to the online system for Effort Certification and Reporting.  The training opportunities currently available include a video training series and webinar training.


Video Training
Video Training Segments are available by clicking on the associated link.  Click link and use UTAD credentials for access:




Effort Reporting Overview      (11 Min)
User Interface                        (11 Min)
Pre-Review Phase                    (5 Min)
Certification Phase                   (5 Min)
Post Review Phase                   (5 Min)
Reviewing Pay Periods              (3 Min)
Adding To Routing Queue        (3 Min)
Adding Comments                   (3 Min)




Last Updated: 6/27/22