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Student Stipends Procedure

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  • This procedure is for undergraduates and high school student stipends regardless of the institution they attend.
  • This procedure/form does NOT apply to graduate students supported through teaching or research assistantships.
  • This procedure/form does NOT apply to NSF REU stipends as those are always considered educational experiences. For NSF REU stipends please send a direct pay form to your grants analyst for payment.
  1. PI (or designee) fills out the “Student Stipend or Employee Determination” form and submits the completed form by email to for determination.
  2. Human Resources reviews the “Student Stipend or Employee Determination” form.
    1. If HR determines that the form is for an employee that will need compensated through payroll then HR will work with the PI to make sure all necessary UT procedures are followed to hire a new employee.
    2. If HR determines that the form is for a student stipend then the HR representative will return the completed “Student Stipend or Employee Determination” form to the PI to process as a stipend.
  3. The PI (or designee) will draft a Student Stipend Agreement Letter using the “Agreement Letter Template” and will obtain all required signatures.
  4. The PI (or designee) will send the completed “Student Stipend or Employee Determination” form along with the signed “Agreement Letter” and a “Direct Pay Form” to their Grants Analyst for payment processing.
    Please Note: if the submitted direct pay has multiple stipend payments for the student that are set to be paid on future dates, then it is the responsibility of the PI/designee to notify their Grants Analystbefore the payment processing date if a payment needs to be cancelled due to any circumstance.
  5. Once the Grants Analyst reviews the stipend paperwork for completeness and verifies it is an allowable expense they will save the approved paperwork in the AP FUPLOADS folder to be added to the next AP Upload document.
  6. The Grants Analyst will also send the all of the approved paperwork to Financial Aid and RSP by email to and ResearchAdmin.GAPA@UToledo.Edu letting them know a stipend payment is being processed through Accounts Payable.
    1. The Grants Analyst will report the entire stipend amount to Financial Aid one time for automatic stipend payments (ie. The student will be paid $500 every month for 5 months regardless of tasks completed)
    2. The Grants Analyst will report each stipend payment individually to Financial Aid for the stipends that depend on the student completing certain tasks.
  7. The Financial Aid Office will make the determination if any portion of the stipend payment will be considered financial aid/scholarship.
  8. RSP will ensure all COI/compliance is complete from the student receiving the stipend.
  9. Accounts Payable will process the student stipend payment when the biweekly AP Upload is sent to them with correct back-up documentation.

Updated 06.19.2019

Last Updated: 11/29/22